Pinkus (demo '12)

by Pinkus



released July 12, 2012

2012 demo, EP coming soon!



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Start Something NJ Flemington, New Jersey

a DIY music collective. Flemington, NJ.

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Track Name: Titus
we've all fallen down
so what's the point of picking ourselves up?
because stumbling through
is the only thing we've gotten used to

it's not worth fighting
so just let it be

why is it hard to be happy?
though i have everything i need to live

i've stood here now for a couple of years
trying to shield myself from all of my fears
but when it comes down to the bottom of it
i've got nothing good to say
Track Name: Laugh It Off
you look at me like i've got two heads
but that's not my problem, it's what's been said by you
my mouth, it fills with blood
from grinding teeth, biting me tongue, it's true (it's you)
and all the little things you say and do

but you just shrug and laugh it off
you love to dance around it, wave your flag and
you just laugh it off

you're a danger to yourself
i take offense to what you're spittin' out
now you could say the same things
and finger point your way to bliss, i guess
your parents, they raised one hell of a kid

i shake my head and laugh it off
not worth one single breath
i laugh it off yeah i laugh it off

hide behind a plasma screen while you launch attacks on me
well i woke up today, not a single thing has changed
we're smelling two different (too different) cups of coffee
and mine is fresher than yours
and i fucking laugh it off